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Russian subtitling process


As global demand for digital content grows, we face an increasing complexity in localization industry. Providers are looking for solutions that enable them to manage customer content in a smarter, more efficient and secure way. Our best-in-class technology provides scale, collaborative environment and content flows that simplifies the Russian subtitling process and saves you Russian production costs.

Secure and easy management of all your assets

Our relationships with global broadcasters and platforms provide us with a valuable insight on content provider pains and needs in managing large volumes of content towards constantly shrinking deadlines. With our technology content providers can better understand their content and streamline their content supply chain, aligning people and processes towards a common goal.
In result, Russian subtitling has never been easier!

Cloud subtitling platform

Get more done with our unique subtitling management platform that provides agility, automates workflows and enables seamless collaboration with the best Russian subtitling specialists in the world! Thanks to our cloud-based task distribution platform, real-time status and delivery updates are just a lick away! Now your global teams can search, find and download your Russian subtitles anywhere, anytime.

Subtitling software

We use the latest professional subtitling software to produce perfectly-synchronized Russian subtitle files. It enables us to subtitle anything- Open/DVD, Blu-ray, Teletext, DVB Subtitles, Closed Captions, Digital Cinema — and deliver your work in any file format you may require. Its stellar shot change detection helps us cue subtitles with an unparalleled accuracy. The non-speech scenes are skipped and we focus only on the relevant parts in the video. Splitting a block of text into proper subtitles is possible by using the Auto-Adjust feature in conjunction with the Continuous Typing Workflow. Comprehensive checks help us make sure that you get the perfect Russian subtitles. Our subtitling methods comply with all norms and follow the best practices and industry standards for broadcast television subtitling in Russia.


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