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Creating Russian subtitles requires much more than simply making a word-for-word translation of a video script. The Russian subtitling specialists need to understand the content, retain the context and meaning of the original version and convey it into Russian language. That’s why we work with a large pool of Russian subtitling subtitlers that have expertise across many sectors, including media, video game, advertising, e-learning, technology, sports, finance, law, property and many more. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts and industry craftsmen that can handle large volumes of content at an impressive speed while safeguarding quality, and time your Russian subtitle files from scratch.

Professional Russian subtitlers

Our subtitlers are true experts in Russian language but they are also experts in weighing the written word against the spoken one, editing text to fit both visually and contextually, boiling it down to the essentials without losing any meaning. They translate and formulate Russian subtitles depending on the rhythm of the video as defined by the cuts, the rhythm of the dialogue and your Russian audience reading speed.

Professionally written and expertly timed

We communicate your content a concise way while staying true to the source material, ensuring that your Russian subtitles are correct both from linguistic and technical perspective, avoiding any issues with the Russian alphabet. For this reason, we choose to take a human approach to Russian subtitling in order to guarantee the best viewer experience.

Perfectly formatted Russian subtitles

We consider any form of writing to be an art form. Our skilled and experienced subtitlers are specially trained in the art of translating an audio-visual context, respecting the strict rules and space limitations, to convey your message to your audience without disturbing the viewing experience. The perfect subtitling is the one that you never notice.

Russian subtitlers training

It is essential for our Russian subtitles to retain the accuracy and authenticity of the original spoken text. To ensure superior performance in Russian subtitling, each of our subtitlers undergoes intensive training before becoming a Graffiti Studio vetted partner. We apply qualification tests on our Russian subtitling specialists across many tasks including script comprehension, time cueing, positioning, content verification and grammar. We train our experts dig deep to convey the most with every word. To proactively research video content to enable consistent and correct spellings of names, places and terms. Thus we ensure that our rigorous Russian subtitling standards are adhered to at all times.

Our in-house subtitling department

Though we employ trained, experienced, subject-matter freelance Russian subtitling specialists, we also have a team of in-house subtitling editors to validate each end every file against the provided specifications to ensure that Russian subtitling files are delivered correctly.


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