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Russian subtitling process


Working with Graffiti Studios on your Russian subtitling project is easy! A dedicated account manager makes the project planning that considers all the needed tools and resources (time, budget, subtitling specialists with subject matter competence, file validation and transfer in the requested delivery formats) to meet your requirements. We handle everything from start to finish for your subtitling needs.

To start Russian subtitling we only need a video file in any format. If you have a script available (preferably with a time code) that’s great but not necessary. You are welcome to review and approve the Russian translation before delivery of the final Russian subtitle version.

We provide Russian subtitling based on the following scenarios for inputs:

• Russian subtitling from template (translation and subtitle development)
• Russian subtitling without template (translation, time coding, subtitle development)
• Russian subtitling on provided script (adaptation, time coding, subtitle development)
• Russian subtitling with no script available (transcription, translation, time coding, subtitle development)

Upon transcription, the script is loaded into subtitling software where times are inserted and the audio is synched to the onscreen dialogue (time coding). At this point, any formatting will be added to the Russian subtitles including italics, upper case letters, and color or placement changes. Finally, the video is watched on a full playback and the Russian subtitles are proofread for correct grammar, spelling, timings and consistency.

Russian subtitling workflow management

Graffiti Studios provide the most secure, transparent, and flexible end-to-end workflow for any type of Russian subtitling job. We harness the latest technology to set, execute and track performance of custom-built subtitling workflows that manage tasks and media distribution to native Russian subtitlers. Once set, the workflow is automated for each Russian subtitling project. It uses encrypted and secure file transfer protocols for file transfer to ensure the ultimate security of your content.

Depending on your provided materials we set different subtitling steps and build custom workflows for each Russian subtitling project, in every distribution window- from Digital Cinema to Mobile platforms.

Subtitling process in a nutshell

• Assigning Russian subtitling project to a PM
• Project planning (budget, timing, resources)
• Creating English templates
• Assigning templates for translation
• Translating the template into Russian
• Receipt of Russian subtitle files
• Russian subtitle validation (quality check)
• Sending the Russian subtitles for Client approval
• Russian subtitle burn-in (if requested)
• Project closure

We provide Russian subtitles that are perfectly timed to the exact frame. Depending on your request you receive Russian subtitles that can be switched on and off (closed captions) or ready-to-use videos with translated burnt-in subtitles (open captions), ready to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo channels, DVD or Blu-Ray. On-screen text and captions in your video can be translated and graphically edited before we rebuild the video in any format or codec you request. Thus you receive a flawless Russian subtitling version for any platform including PAL, NTSC, VOD, WEB, smartphones, game consoles, mp3 players and tablets.

Preparing your videos for subtitling

Always check if the file has already been translated into Russian
Make sure you provide us with the final version of your video
It is always best to have the video with time-codes in the original language first

Our custom approach for each Russian subtitling project, coupled with the latest technology for workflow automation ensure that your Russian subtitles are secure, compliant and always on time.
All Russian subtitles are thoroughly quality checked to comply with Russian subtitling standards.


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