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Russian subtitling is our bread and butter the fuel and propeller of everything we do. We help content owners and distributors get the right content in the right format to their Russian audience, on time. Our colleagues and Clients alike are innovators, dreamers, developers and communicators on a global mission to make content accessible by overcoming language and cultural barriers. We aim to make a positive difference for our employees, customers and partners, through crossing language barriers.

Graffiti Studio is built to fit your Russian subtitling needs our processes, custom workflows, systems and technology are designed to help you reach your Russian audience faster and better than ever before. With our capacity to cover large volumes of content, network of approved Russian subtitling specialists and unique approach on subtitling we meet your Russian launch release schedule for you.

Over two decades of excellence

In 2018 we celebrated 25 years of industry experience in subtitling. Our roots are deep in media production- we understand the complexities and challenges of subtitling an audiovisual material. We are the number one choice for Russian subtitling due to our obsession with customer needs, forward thinking approach and dedication to deliver Russian subtitles on time, in full and error free. Our goal is to give you more time and budget to spend on your core business of content creation and distribution.

Where Dialogue becomes Vision

Subtitling is the process of adding a timed, on-screen text to an audio-visual material for the purpose of providing a text version of the dialogue. It’s an intriguing form of artwork that enables viewers understand through reading what is being said in the video even if they don’t speak the language.

In general, subtitles are the written form of the words been spoken in the audio. They could be used to transcribe audible dialogue for native language audience or to translate both dialogue and visible on-screen text such as signs or location-card graphics to foreign language viewers.

Usually subtitle visualization uses one or two lines of text shown at the bottom of the screen, though a top positioning can be used to avoid having the subtitles overlap the on-screen text like opening credits. Subtitles typically start in synchronization with the dialogue but continue to display for a short time after the speech has ended to allow more time for reading the text; subtitles may also be truncated or rephrased when there is a rapid dialogue as text is processed and understood slower than speech.

Subtitling allows content license holders to have different language versions of their media simultaneously. Present day video formats such as DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming services (VOD/EST/OTT) often allow the viewer to select between multiple subtitle or dubbed audio tracks in various languages. Subtitling is often associated with foreign films but it can serve various purposes besides translation. They can also be a cost-effective alternative to voice-over for your translated and localized videos.

The art of subtitling

Russian subtitles are developed to provide access to audio-visual content for the Russian audience. Through they can be used to assist Russian viewers with limited perception of sound, they are not to be confused with Closed Captions or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) as they typically do not include sound effects, speaker identifications or any other subtleties required by viewers with limited access to audio content. Adding Russian subtitles to your content makes it easily processed and understood by the Russian audience.

Why subtitle your videos in Russian?

There are numerous reasons why a Russian viewer might turn subtitles on while watching a video and they are not necessarily related to a hearing impairment. There could be a loud noise while watching a video; the content could be in a foreign language or in cases of viewing a sensitive subject matter media. Watching educational videos in public that require taking notes is also facilitated by Russian subtitling.

Let’s take a closer look

• Translating foreign speech into Russian
• Not Everyone Can Hear Your Audio
• Many People Don’t or Can’t Turn on Audio
• Russian Subtitles Improve Understanding
• Russian Subtitling Can Improve Language Knowledge
• Clarifying heavily accented or otherwise inaudible speech
• Allowing listeners or viewers to engage with media in noisy surroundings
• Russian Subtitling is Very Useful for E-Learning
• Russian Audience is More Engaged
• Improving comprehension for ESL speakers
• Helping Russian viewers with attention deficit or cognitive difficulties
• Helping Russian viewers understand speakers with accents or speech impediments
• Russian Subtitling Increases Media Social Reach
• Russian subtitling improves your local SEO

Russian subtitling agency

We operate a boutique Russian subtitling agency that provides premium subtitling services to Hollywood studios, global broadcasters, online retailers and independent distributors. We help you engage your Russian audience. Fast. Your videos are subtitled in Russian ready to publish, in the style and format that you require.

Russian subtitling studio

Graffiti Studio makes your job of subtitling content in Russian very easy. We can handle any stage of your project- from generating the translated script, creating Russian SRT file (or any file format) to subtitling any on-screen text and delivery of ready-to-use Russian subtitles. We trust the more accurate, traditional methods of transcription rather than using Speech-to-text software to save costs. Our Russian subtitling is a purely human creation- written, timed and checked in order to retain the authentic experience with your content in its original language, improve precision and avoid errors.

Our Russian subtitle timings are in sync to the highest degree of accuracy (up to 1/100 secs) and ultimately, our Russian subtitles are always coherent, consistent and a pleasure to read. As we mostly work with pre-produced material we can afford spending more time on thorough research in order to ensure upmost level of accuracy and articulation while retaining the authentic experience with your original media.

Safe, secure and confidential

The commitment on content security is fundamental to our company. All your files and data are safe with us. We never disclose any information on your Russian subtitling projects to 3rd parties and our highly encrypted software enables secure file transfers to prevent any unauthorized access. We are open to sign NDA to provide you with the comfort that your source and Russian materials are well taken care of.

Our difference

• Native Russian subtitling specialists
• Dedicated project manager
• Native Russian QC editors
• Russian glossaries to ensure consistency
• Rigorous file naming process


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