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Russian subtitling services


Expand your market in Russia by taking advantage of our professional Russian subtitling services! We bring your story to life through the lens of culture, language and meaning. By carefully crafting our choice of words we help you fascinate your Russian audience in their native tongue while staying true to the original experience with your content.

Enjoy a compete, fully inclusive Russian subtitling service- from validation of the source media, transcription of the original video and time coding the script, to translation of the transcribed text, embedding or subtitle file creation according to the requested format and provided Russian subtitling specifications. Your subtitles are created with the most sophisticated character generators and broadcast quality VTRs. We work alongside with you to devise the optimal style and readability for your Russian subtitles.

Supported subtitling services:

• Subtitle Transcription
• Subtitle Translation in Russian
• Russian subtitle SRT file creation
• Subtitle conform
• Subtitle adaptation in Russian
• Russian On-screen Subtitle
• Russian Graphics Localization
• Subtitle time coding (cueing, spotting)
• Real time subtitling in Russian
• Subtitle transcoding
• Russian Subtitle proofreading
• Russian subtitle burn-in
• Russian Subtitle editing
• Russian Subtitle QC
• Subtitle placement
• Re-versioning
• Metadata translation
• Fast track service
• Russian SDH/ HoH subtitles
• Arial Unicode fonts

Supported distribution channels:

• Television programs
• Theatrical
• Beta

Your Russian subtitles delivered. Superfast.

With constantly shrinking release windows we know that you are committed to distribute content faster than ever before. Thus we make sure that your Russian subtitles are delivered on time, every time, while meeting the highest technical and content standards. Our Russian subtitling services are unmatched when it comes down to precision and delivery. Our TAT is among the fastest in the subtitling industry and comes with the convenience of a 24/7 support to address all your urgent issues.

Supported content categories

• Russian Broadcast media
• Television series in Russian
• Cartoon and animation in Russian
• TV movies in Russian
• Feature films and cinema in Russian
• Explainer videos in Russian
• Video ads and presentations in Russian
• Product launch videos for Russia
• Motion graphics in Russian
• Documentaries in Russian
• Promotion and advertising spots in Russian
• Russian Online training
• E-learning courses in Russian
• Educational and instructional videos in Russian
• Marketing videos in Russian
• Social media and website
• YouTube and Vimeo
• Webcasts & podcasts
• Music clips

Burnt-on Russian subtitles

We provide Russian subtitling burn-in services for (open captions) in case you require the subtitles to be an integral part of the video. With this technique though subtitles cannot be turned on and off by the viewer and are always visible on-screen. When using burnt-on Russian subtitles, other language subtitles cannot be used with the same video file. If your project also requires subtitling in languages other than Russian, multiple versions of the video must be produced and mixed with each and every language subtitle file.

Supported subtitling styles

Depending on the nature of the video we can apply a transparent band background underneath the text for optimal readability. There are numerous ways to develop subtitles in regards of display on your video. We can consult you on the most suitable fonts and approach or provide samples to assist your decision.

• Classic black and white Russian subtitles
• Russian Subtitles with an opaque background
• Russian Subtitles with a block background


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