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Russian subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing


Reach your entire Russian audience with our Russian SDH services! Subtitles for the deaf/hard-of-hearing (SDH) are generally used to make a the audio accessible to viewers with hearing impairment. They include transcription of the speech, speaker IDs and sound effect descriptions and may also be placed on-screen to follow the speaker positioning. SDH may be included as open captions on broadcast programming or as optional subtitle tracks on DVD, Blu-ray and online presentations (Video on Demand).

Subtitling for Access Services

Russian subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired (SDH) is quickly becoming a media accessibility standard in Russia to comply with emerging local regulations. It provides that part of the local audience which suffers of hearing loss with the closest-to-equal experience with your content.
SDH are designed particularly for deaf, Deaf, or hard of hearing audience.

• Deaf with a lowercase “d” refers to viewers with no ability to hear but can speak.
• Deaf with an uppercase “D” refers to individuals with hearing loss who prefer Sign language communication
• Hard of hearing refers to viewers with any level of hearing impairment that restricts their ability to process sound in any way and includes individuals with hearing aids

While SDH undoubtedly improves entertainment value, it also provides a more level playing field when it comes to educational, work and informational resources. Regardless of the content, SDH enables greater inclusion for this part of the population that would otherwise be cut off from many forms of media.

Russian SDH subtitling

Russian subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) combines both subtitle and caption content into a single file that is then translated to make your media available to Russian viewers who are deaf or hearing-impaired. While both Russian closed captioning and SDH improve accessibility to media content for viewers with hearing impairment, there are some distinct differences between them to be considered:

• SDH is present on more media types, like streaming internet videos and Blu Ray DVDs since closed captioning is not supported by High Definition Media Interface (HDMI), while regular subtitles and SDH are.
• Closed captions are generally formatted as white text on a black background to be placed anywhere on the screen. On the contrary, SDH is usually found at the bottom third of the screen and can vary in color.
• SDH font can be set to larger or smaller. Closed captions in contrast, rarely include such options.
• SDH and closed captions are encoded differently. While closed captions are encoded as a stream of commands, control codes, and text, SDH are typically encoded as bitmap images or a series of tiny dots or pixels.

Russian HoH subtitling

We are aware that Russian hard-of-hearing subtitling and access services are not your primary area of expertise and account for only a fraction of your post-production process or launch strategy and might be something you have not commissioned before. That’s why we provide our Customers with guidance and consulting on selecting the best approach to your unique production needs. We love subtitling and take pride in giving the best advice on Russian subtitling to ensure your content is fully accessed and enjoyed in Russia.

Supported SDH content

• Russian Broadcast media
• Television series in Russian
• Cartoon and animation in Russian
• TV movies in Russian
• Feature films and cinema in Russian
• Explainer videos in Russian
• Video ads and presentations in Russian
• Product launch videos for Russia
• Motion graphics in Russian
• Documentaries in Russian
• Promotion and advertising spots in Russian
• Russian Online training
• E-learning courses in Russian
• Educational and instructional videos in Russian
• Marketing videos in Russian
• Social media and website
• YouTube and Vimeo
• Webcasts & podcasts
• Music clips


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