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Russian captioning services


Make your content more accessible in Russia by taking advantage of our Russian captioning services! While subtitles are designed for hearing users and only cover spoken text, our Russian captions include all audio elements in a written form in order to convey the context in which the action takes place and enrich the experience. We approach Russian captioning to account for any sound that is not visually apparent on your video and developed it with the assumption that the viewer cannot hear the audio. These captions will contain descriptions of non-dialogue audio (such as laughter or a door slamming).

Our Russian captioning process helps with splitting the transcribed text into chunks (caption frames) and allow your Russian audience follow along with the audio, video or captions interchangeably. That improves accessibility for viewers with hearing impairment who rely on captions to understand media. Oftentimes, the terms “subtitles” and “captions” are used as synonyms for subtitles but in the US “captions” is used in reference to “closed captions” and the access needs of hard of hearing viewers.

Supported content categories

• Russian Broadcast media
• TV series in Russian
• Cartoon and animation in Russian
• Television movies in Russian
• Feature films and cinema in Russian
• Explainer videos in Russian
• Video clips and presentations in Russian
• Product launch videos for Russia
• Motion graphics in Russian
• Documentary in Russian
• Promotion and advertising videos in Russian
• Russian Online training
• E-learning courses in Russian
• Educational and instructional media in Russian
• Marketing videos in Russian
• Social media and website
• YouTube and Vimeo
• Webcasts & podcasts
• Music videos

Russian closed captioning

Closed captioning is a US specific subtitle format for viewers with hearing impairment. Historically, they are transmitted as binary code hidden in the blanking lines of a standard definition NTSC broadcast video signal (on Line 21) and displayed using a specialized decoder. They were named “closed” as they did not show in the media till decoded. That enables the viewer to turn them on and off at their comfort. Closed captions are now regularly included for HD broadcast, DVD, and online presentations (Video on Demand). Unlike typical subtitle presentation, CC can use three lines of text.

Create a compliant, accessible content faster and more securely than ever before!

Make your content more inclusive to the Russian audience with hearing loss by taking advantage of our Russian closed captioning services! Much like subtitling, our Russian closed captioning services can greatly increase the reach of your audio-visual content and help you to grow a larger audience in Russia. We develop FCC- compliant Russian closed captions in any requested format.

Our Russian closed captioning covers:

• Speaker identifications where characters aren’t visible or there is over-speaking
• Russian formatting to ensure characters display correctly
• Caption encoding for Russian viewing platforms (e.g. NTSC or PAL)
• Russian translations for forced subtitles or onscreen titles, textual information

Russian open captioning

Russian open captions are a permanent feature of the video. They are used for website video players, cinema and theatrical content. We can embed the Russian captions directly in the video stream (provide you with Russian open captioning services) so you won’t have to keep track of separate video and caption files. Open captions (also referred to as burned-in, baked on or hard-coded captions) do not require special functionality from the media player in order to be displayed correctly. They also eliminate the inconsistencies across various video players and enable publishers to control captions’ size and style.

Russian Open Captioning Advantages

• Captions are embedded permanently in the video
• Easier and more convenient to use
• Unlike closed captioning, does not require special software for playback
• More universal and appropriate for general public use
• Text, if produced correctly, is already synchronized with the audio

Differing to the Russian closed captions though, once embedded in the video, open captions cannot be turned on and off which leads to certain limitations to the viewer experience of your Russian audience. Also, the quality of the open captions is related to the overall quality of the video and in case of issues, the captions might be blurry and hard to read.


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